The island of Rab belongs to a group of islands in the Kvarner region. On the north-eastern part of the island, one can find rocky surroundings with slight gusts of wind which brings the pine scent as well as the mediteranian seawater scent. Sun, clean air and the scent of lavanda will memorize you as you arrive, making you realize why the island of Rab is one of the most visited places in the Kvarnrer. Numerous sport terrains - tennis courts and bowling await you all day long. Churches built in the ancient roman times, as well as gothic palaces, renaissance buildings and the proud church bells towers glitter with beauty on the whole island. As a special gem we emphasize the medieval city of Rab, in which one can wonder in its beauty for hours. Here ancient romans and greeks felt relaxed and good. Can it be different for you?

Angela Rab © 2006